Monday, November 18, 2019

Folk Rock Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Folk Rock - Research Paper Example Groups like the Beatles were largely known at the time. Dylan was considered an influential man when it came to the pioneering of this genre of music. At a festival that was held in the year 1965, he decided to appear at the festival with an electric backing band. This was considered the turning point in the development of folk rock (Logan and Woofinden 39). The previous influences that encouraged the growth and development of folk rock into what is heard today should be applauded. Creativity put into bringing these different genres of music together to make one common, lovable genre is viewed as a symbol of ingenuity. This is by all those whose love for music grew immensely, and they could relate to it. This paper will review some of the influences that existed which led to the growth of this genre in music. Also, it will look at the role it has played in influencing music that developed much later. Some of the influences that led to the growth and development of folk rock were seen in the form of vocal groups. Others came in the form of revival of rock and roll. This was largely in the United States. After the invasion of the British, this growth seemed to be propelled further where there was the popularization of protest music. This was done, at the time, to achieve some political edge. Inspiration among groups during that period grew as many seemed to form groups that popularized folk music (Logan and Woofinden 43). The performances of these groups were aimed at a popular, mainstream audience. This audience, at least, would appreciate their stage performances. Tight vocal harmonies are what these groups exhibited when they performed for their audiences. At times, there were mild comedic routines that were performed. During the 1960’s, the main thing that set American folk rock apart from other genres, was the clear harmony singing. This singing was originally from some of the philosophies present. They were pioneered by a movement known as the colleg iate folk. Traditional folk songs heightened level of exposure for people aspiring to be entertainers during that period (Unterberger 37). Many of the well-known folk rock artists began their careers as folk revival group members. This saw them get the experience well needed to champion this genre of music to modern times. Some of the traditions among the American people were not largely accepted. This prompted some artists to start composing songs relating to the current situation. These songs, in their own right, could have been termed as protest songs. Social issues were addressed in some of these songs. An example of an artist who composed and wrote lyrics that dwelled on these issues was Bob Dylan. Some of the issues were based on the real life experiences that he went through during his lifetime. This led to the acceptance of his music by the audience who could relate to what he sang. He earned the title of singer-songwriter after this period. This propelled his fame, and the fame of the music he pioneered. In the United Kingdom, an equal force was at work. Traditional folk singers led to the growth of such a genre of music. During the late 1950’s, groups sprang up and started performing on known well-known instruments (Unterberger 40). Examples were the harmonica, the banjo, the acoustic guitar among others. The music they tried was known as the skiffle. It was a blend of music that incorporated jazz and had some roots in traditional African-American folk music.

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