Thursday, November 21, 2019

Personal Case Study Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Personal Case Study Paper - Essay Example The opportunity below presents itself for improved business model, but only if the cultural paradigms can be addressed effectively. In this case, the organization is private faith-based company. It has existed for over hundred years. Faith-Based Organization X specializes in faith-based academics. The organization was undergoing major paradigm shifts in the culture as well as divisional subcultures because of altering business models within each division. Under the new leadership of the vice-president, leading two divisions, there were concerns on matters including management and decision making. Employees were expected to accommodate changes with grace. This resulted to change in the company’s culture mode. The main reason for this was the uncomfortable expectations of the management, requiring employees to accommodate the change. Therefore, the drastic expectation of change was hard to be accommodated by the employees. I worked for the organization in a span of three years, where I performed two roles. I began by leading a division as a director. After some time, I was transferred into a training role. The report of this personal case study will be through the eyes of the director role I played while in the organization. A typical director role consists of developing and leading strategic initiatives, talent development and process improvements. There are also many decisions that are made at the director level. A director must be the team leader and he/she must be able to initiate and implement new ideas. The director must ensure the mission; vision and goals of the company must be met accordingly. (Sinclair, 1998) The chart above displays the current structure of the company during my tenure in the company as a director. This structure was the new organizational structure in the company during my period of work in the discussed organization. The above division shifted in

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