Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Inspiring historical figure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Inspiring historical figure - Essay Example e can see that Delany’s interest in political activism, added with his active participation in the protest against human rights violation faced by the African Americans, transformed him to an eminent abolitionist and political activist. To be specific, Delany co-operated with the abolitionist movement in America in 1840s, and made use of the newspaper named as North Star to propagate his ideas on the problems faced by the African Americans. Junius P. Rodriguez stated that, â€Å"During his time in Pittsburgh, Delany participated in the abolitionist movement, newspaper editing, moral reform, and the practice of medicine† (251). Later, Delany came to realize the fact that African Americans cannot expect freedom and equality in America. So, he considered that the African Americans can gain freedom by immigrating to other nations. Besides, Delany was an eminent leader of an African America movement named as Black Nationalism. Delany’s direct involvement (say, as a ne wspaper reporter and as an African American leader) in the problems faced by his fellow beings helped him to realize that indigenous nationalism can help the African Americans to gain political and social freedom in the mainstream society. In short, Delany’s involvement in the abolitionist movement and American Black Nationalism helped the African Americans to realize the importance of political activism within the context of anti-slavery movement. One can see that Delany did not neglect his duty towards his motherland. This awareness eventually led Delany to take the decision to serve the Army during the Civil War. Besides, he acted the role of a recruiter and served the Union Army. In 1850s, Delany decided to enter medical profession by enrolling at the Harvard Medical School. But racial segregation based on skin color limited Delany’s scope as a medical student in Harvard Medical School. But he did not try to abandon his profession as a physician. For instance, his role as a physician in

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